Futuristic Features of AirPods Pro 2


I have been using AirPods and AirPods Pro since they have been released. So I am excited when there are rumours about the upcoming new version of this product. This article has a few of them, I think the ‘Interrupt for noise-cancelling audio’ feature is very interesting would be a great addition. Either way, I know I will upgrade mine as soon as the new AirPods Pro comes out.

Will the AirPods Pro 2 be as futuristic as the rumors suggest? | TechRadar:

The most recent rumor circulating about the AirPods Pro 2 is that they’ll allow specific codewords and voices to ‘break through’ their active noise cancellation settings.

Spotted by Apple Insider, a new patent application called ‘Interrupt for noise-cancelling audio devices’ describes a new feature that’s designed to stop you from missing out on important conversations while active noise cancellation is switched on.

As explained in the patent, a user “may desire to be interrupted by pre-designation contacts… or by a person who speaks a designated keyword to the user”.

So, if your partner is shouting your name to say that dinner’s ready, future AirPods could turn off the active noise cancellation, enter Transparency mode, or turn off your music to allow you to hear them.

To stop any person from interrupting your music, you’d be able to pre-approve contacts known to you and your devices – and to determine whether you’re the one being addressed by these contacts, the AirPods could analyse the volume of their voice and how long it takes for their voice to reach you.

The patent also describes how this could work with codewords as well as voices, so you could train your AirPods to recognize when any person says your name, and turn off your noise cancellation accordingly.

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