If the Earth Stopped Spinning


This is a very interesting article with a lot of information on how the planet we call home would change if it stopped spinning. 

Could the Earth ever stop spinning, and what would happen if it did? | Space:

If the Earth stopped spinning, you wouldn’t suddenly be launched off into space. Gravity would still keep you firmly on the ground.

There would be lots of changes, though. If Earth were to stop spinning but continue to orbit the sun, a “day” would last half a year, and so would the night. It could warm up much more during the day and cool down much more during the night. This would affect the climate on Earth.

A large temperature difference between day and night would cause strong winds, which would move warm air towards the cooler, nighttime side of the Earth. Wind would also blow from the warm regions around the equator to the cold polar regions. On a spinning Earth, this does not happen because the wind is deflected sideways.

The eastwards and westwards winds, and the winds towards the poles, would meet. They could possibly create huge swirls of wind the size of entire continents.

The core of the Earth is partly molten iron. The spinning motion of the Earth turns this molten iron into a magnet and gives the Earth a magnetic field.


This protects us against harmful radiation, which comes from particles from the sun and cosmic rays from outside the solar system. While the magnetic field stops the radiation from reaching us, it hits the Earth’s atmosphere, and we see it as the aurora — the northern or southern lights.

Without the magnetic field, this radiation would reach the Earth’s surface and make people ill. Some birds use the magnetic field to find their way, so without the Earth spinning, they would get lost.

If the Earth didn’t spin, the night sky would always show the same constellations of stars, because you would always be looking out into space in the same direction. This is very different from seeing the stars rise and set during the night, and seeing different constellations at different times of the year.

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