2021 Was Earth’s Fifth-Hottest Year


Let’s face it, no matter what people are saying, no matter what leaders signed when it comes to agreements etc. is not going to help us anymore. Not when money, economy and profits etc. are at play. The seven hottest years on record have been the past seven. We will continue with this trend until it will really start hitting money, the economy and profits very hard.  

2021 Was Earth’s Fifth-Hottest Year, Scientists Say – The New York Times:

Last year was Earth’s fifth hottest on record, European scientists announced on Monday. But the fact that the worldwide average temperature didn’t beat the record is hardly reason to stop worrying about global warming’s grip on the planet, they said.

Not when both the United States and Europe had their warmest summers on the books. Not when higher temperatures around the Arctic caused it to rain for the first time at the Greenland ice sheet’s normally frigid summit.

And certainly not when the seven hottest years ever recorded were, by a clear margin, the past seven.

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