Earth’s Black Box


Earth’s Black Box is like an airplane black box. The project is meant to painstakingly record every step on the way to our planet’s demise.  Check out the website:

Indestructible ‘Black Box’ will record our planet’s demise in minute detail | Live Science:

The solar-powered vault will be roughly the length of a school bus and the shape of an upside-down curb stop, and the entire thing will be encased in 3-inch-thick (7.5 centimetres) steel designed to withstand catastrophe, just as an airplane’s black box is built to withstand an impact. And just like a black box is tucked away in the safest part of a plane, Earth’s Black Box will be placed in the most secure location on Earth, which is Tasmania, apparently. When it goes online, Earth’s Black Box will be filled with hard drives recording and storing climate-related information, ABC News Australia reported. This project, which is a collaboration between the University of Tasmania, a communications firm called Clemenger BBDO, and an art collective called the Glue Society, is slated to begin construction in early 2022. The box will collect temperature measurements, ocean acidification data, data on land use, military spending, energy consumption and human population growth. It will also scrape news headlines, social media posts, and information from key climate change conferences between heads of state.

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