“Termination Shock,” by Neal Stephenson

I listened to the latest episode of the podcast this morning where Kara Swisher was chatting with Neal Stephenson about his new book called “Termination Shock.” I have read most of his books so of course, I added this one to my reading list today. But before I read his latest book, I got a copy of his 1992 bestseller “Snow Crash,” which I have not read yet. From the podcast, I learnt that he coined the term “metaverse” some 30 years ago in that book. Term now made popular by Mark Zuckerberg.

Opinion | He Conceived the Metaverse in the ’90s. He’s Unimpressed With Mark Zuckerberg’s. – The New York Times:

In this conversation, Kara Swisher discusses the perverse relationship between personal wealth and climate survival. They chat about sulphur guns, earth suits and the need to ramp up the space race for human survival. And they lament that politics and sluggish government action to reign in climate change may mean human survival will be left to the benevolence of future “carbon capture trillionaires.”  

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