Sky Show: Venus, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter


This is exciting news for skywatchers like myself. Armed with my iPhone and Sky Guide app I love exploring the night sky. It looks like there is a show this week featuring Venus, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter when looking towards the southwest. 

Watch the moonshine near Venus tonight on its way toward Saturn and Jupiter | Space:

Venus and the moon make a dazzling duo in the night sky tonight (Dec. 6), starting the moon’s multi-day journey past a slew of planets.

Venus, playfully known by many as the “evening star,” is the brightest object in the night sky (barring the moon) right now, and it will be at its most brilliant tonight as it makes its way toward the sun (from our perspective looking at the sky), which it will pass closely by this January. If you look to the western sky after sunset tonight, you’ll be able to see the bright planet just above the moon.

The fun will continue in the night sky through the week as, through Dec. 10, you’ll be able to watch the waxing crescent moon pass by Venus and then Saturn and Jupiter as it rises slowly in the night sky, according to NASA. In addition to the moon’s planetary journey, you’ll also be able to see the planets themselves, lined up neatly in the night sky.

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