Ameca Humanoid Robot


I read a lot of comments about it online, the consensus is that the robot is basically creepy. I don’t agree and frankly, we have seen enough sci-fi movies by now that should have prepared us to face the fact these robots will become part of our everyday life. The video is incredible and personally, I love it, I want one now!

‘Ameca’ robot shows off more human-like facial expressions | Engadget:

“Ameca” is a new humanoid robot that doesn’t have realistic hair and skin like Mesmer, but can instead show more human-like, natural-looking expressions than others we’ve seen, as The Verge has reported.

Ameca at first displays confusion as it appears to wake up, then shows mild astonishment when it moves its hands (the hand gestures looks fairly real, too). It then appears surprised to see the viewer or camera, and finishes the video with a smile and welcoming hand gesture.

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