iRobot Roomba Ai to Avoid Knocking Over Your Christmas Tree


Roomba robots changed my life, I have three of them in the house on each floor now. Running automatically, daily vacuuming and mopping floors. There is no more dog hair anywhere… I was skeptical about them initially but I am glad they have proven themselves to be useful investments. The AI that iRobot develop and improved over the years is very good for my needs. And now it looks like they are adding more features and improvements. 

iRobot Roomba update uses AI to avoid knocking over your Christmas tree – The Verge:

So when it comes to Christmas trees, the j7 and j7 Plus will be able to suggest a “clean zone” around the tree, where you can specifically direct it to  up pine needles, with a “keep out zone” in the middle to stop it bumping into the tree and risk knocking it over. I’ve personally never had a problem with a Roomba knocking over a Christmas tree, but it’s helpful being able to specifically direct it to vacuum around a tree, rather than having it constantly vacuuming the whole room along with it. According to iRobot’s release notes, the “holiday tree recommendations” update started rolling out yesterday.

Alongside the new detection and avoidance features, iRobot says that its robots with smart mapping features can now transfer their maps from one robot to another. It should be helpful for anyone upgrading their Roomba or augmenting it with a second model, like the mopping-focused Braava jet m6. Rather than having to map your home afresh, the company’s robots that support its smart mapping technology can now automatically transfer their maps to a new robot. According to iRobot’s release notes, this feature started rolling out on October 13th.

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