Haruki Murakami New Book Called “Murakami T: the T-shirts I Love”


This is good, and I love the idea. The New York Times published a short interview with Murakami about the upcoming book. 

Haruki Murakami Unpacks His T-Shirt Collection – The New York Times:

His growing collection is the subject of a new book, “Murakami T: The T-Shirts I Love,” which will be published on Nov. 23 by Knopf.

Through a series of essays, written in Japanese and translated into English by Philip Gabriel, Mr. Murakami takes readers through a sartorial journey, sharing memories and musings through the lens of the clothes he has accumulated over the years.

Some of the shirts in the book serve as mementos of his travels and turning points in his life. Others are mysteries, like a yellow one with the name “Tony Takitani” on it, which he found in a thrift store in Maui. (An imagined Tony Takitani appears as the protagonist in one of Mr. Murakami’s short stories.)

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