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This is really neat idea, I want to try it now. It looks like all plans include a hosted website and Paper Website creator as well as unlimited bandwidth, storage and page conversions. The Paper Website App provides a seamless way to take a picture of your page, and upload it directly to your Paper Website. Once the page is uploaded, it is available to edit as usual in the Paper Website Editor. You can still upload page images directly from your computer if you do not wish to download the app.

Blog online with a paper notebook | Boing Boing:

Paper Website is a clever OCR app that you use to scan paper notes and convert the handwritten and hand-drawn work into to posts on a no-code, zero-configuration blog. Turn your journal into a micro-blog. We use AI to turn your handwriting into beautiful tiny websites.Take a photo of any piece of paper, notebook or journal. It’s magic. It’s $8.50 a month, which is steep, but it’s a novel product and something that seems very appealing to people who would simply never be OK with having to poke around in a CMS.

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