Lensii to Take on Instagram as a ‘Better’ Photo Sharing App


Looks like there is another Instagram challenger in town: Lensii I have had a love / hate relationship with Instagram (in last year or two more hate than love) so I am always interested in alternatives coming to the market. But so far nobody really pleased more than VSCO which I am a supporting (read: paid) member for the last couple of years. Fat Geisha does not have Facebook or Instagram account for this reason. 

You can sign up for Lensii early access here let’s see if it’s any good after November 14th launch. Key features are:

Lensii is free.
It will be available on iOS and Android at launch, and Lensii is developing both apps simultaneously to allow for updates to occur faster and in tandem.
Lensii will eventually come with a photo library system that adds more value than just a photo sharing app.

Lensii to Take on Instagram as a ‘Better’ Photo Sharing App | PetaPixel:

Lensii, originally an artificial intelligence-assisted photo cloud platform that looked to challenge Google Photos, has announced that it’s adding another target to its sights: Instagram.

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