Graypants Shares How They Turn Cardboard Into Modern Scraplights


You need to check out the photographs and step by step walk-through on how these are made. These lights are absolutely beautiful. They look natural, warm and inviting, perfect addition to any home which values good design, functionality and the fact that they are made from recycled materials. Have a look…

Graypants Shares How They Turn Cardboard Into Modern Scraplights:

Based in Seattle and Amsterdam, the architecture and product design studio creates high-performance lighting with particular attention paid to details and craftsmanship. Not everyone can take brown cardboard and turn it into elegant lighting, but Graypants has managed to do just that with Scraplights. The collection is handcrafted from recycled cardboard resulting in unique lighting with modern shaped silhouettes that emit warm light through the corrugation. The manufacturing process is much more involved than that, so Graypants is taking us behind the scenes to see what’s involved in transforming basic cardboard into the Scraplights collection

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