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Dark mode is everywhere, I use it on my iMac, MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad. I love it and I get annoyed when an app I use does not have an option for dark mode. Google maps are finally offering it as well. I am happy with the option, mind you since I live in iOS ecosystem I use mostly Apple maps because it’s so easy to pull it up with all the functionality and integration. But there are times where Google maps come handy. It’s all about having options. So here are short how-to enable the dark mode option in in Google maps: 

Google Maps on iOS now has a dark mode, here’s how to enable it – The Verge:

From the main Google Maps interface on iOS, tap your profile picture in the top right of the screen. Pick “Settings” from the menu, then select “Dark Mode” from the Using Maps section. Here you have three options: On, Off, and “Same as device setting” (which automatically turns dark mode on or off depending on what you have enabled at the OS level).

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