Apple Will Continue to Accept App Store Submissions Throughout Holiday Season


Well, this is indeed a change for the company. Especially considering how they are focused on well being of their employees (at least that’s what you read in all PR pieces about it). It means people will be working through Christmas to enrich the corporation. As a customer I am fine with it, after all it’s one of many fake holidays. But I wonder how the employees who have to work reviewing and approving apps feel about it.

Apple will accept app updates during the holidays in a break from tradition – The Verge:

Apple will continue to accept App Store app submissions through the holidays, marking a shift from the company’s approach in the past. Typically, Apple doesn’t let developers make submissions through the App Store Connect portal for a few days around Christmas, meaning that they would have to rush to release apps or updates ahead of when many people receive new Apple devices or gift cards as holiday presents. With this change, it seems as if the App Store will hum along largely like you’re used to this holiday season.

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